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InastaGTO Features.

Quick Solver calculates one hand about every 10 seconds for an average PC with 4-5 sizings on the flop and 6 on the turn and river. With a powerful PC, you can reach 4 seconds. Based on hundreds of thousands of cloud solutions, it provides very precise and quick calculations.

GTO Replayer replays your hands from the biggest sites (Amaya, iPoker, WPN, Winamax, and PartyPoker) in full graphics with GTO tables. The replayer includes a GTO table for each action. You can build your own GTO solutions with GTO Solver. In GTO Quick Solver you can create your situations. You can review GTO solutions in different runouts, board textures, big blind sizes, formats and much more.

With GTO vs BOT play, you can play versus BOT any situation. With GTO Trainer you can build your GTO tests for almost any situation. You learn by passing tests, following your results and tracking your progress.

This software has a lot of possibilities on how to depict your game quality. It contains all possible stats, where you can show your improvement graph, frequency graphs, EV graphs, GTO chart and graph, doughnuts with balanced strategies versus your game and complete full GTO versus individual opponents analysis.

This software saves all imported hands to the database and you can replay them again every time or use for GTO analysis. The software has even overall graphs what show you your GTO, frequency and EV decisions versus opponents.

The EDGE version contains unlimited daily calculations and fully programmable console. This is useful for programmers that want to develop other tools. You can set the depth of the GTO solutions to return to achieve 2-3 second calculations.


The BRONZE (TRIAL) license is activated with registration in the InstaGTO software,
subscription is activated as soon as we receive your payment.


Free for 5 days

  • 250 Daily Calculations
  • GTO Replayer & Solver
  • GTO vs BOT Trainer
  • GTO Situation Trainer
  • GTO Analyzing tools
  • GTO Hand History
  • Heads Up Solutions
  • Spin’n’Go Solutions
  • GTO Console


$249 per 3 months

  • ∞ Daily Calculations
  • GTO Replayer & Solver
  • GTO vs BOT Trainer
  • GTO Situation Trainer
  • GTO Analyzing Tools
  • GTO Hand History
  • Heads Up Solutions
  • Spin’n’Go Solutions
  • GTO Console


$499 per 3 months

  • ∞ Daily Calculations
  • GTO Replayer & Solver
  • GTO vs BOT Trainer
  • GTO Situation Trainer
  • GTO Analyzing Tools
  • GTO Hand History
  • Heads Up Solutions
  • Spin’n’Go Solutions
  • GTO Console


$699 per 3 months

  • ∞ Daily Calculations
  • GTO Replayer & Solver
  • GTO vs BOT Trainer
  • GTO Situation Trainer
  • GTO Analyzing Tools
  • GTO Hand History
  • Heads Up Solutions
  • Spin’n’Go Solutions
  • Heads Up Cash Solutions
  • GTO Console



– The issues with InstaGTO starting FIXED ver2

– The issues with InstaGTO starting FIXED
– HU Cash 100bb did allow to leave the effective big blind on any number (100 fixed now) FIXED

– Convert to the solver from the Learn From Your Mistakes FIXED
– Replayer displays BTN vs SB as HUSNG FIXED
– Filter BTN vs SB doesn’t save FIXED
– Calculated hands in the replayer don’t show the count of inaccuracies, mistakes, etc. FIXED
– Check call displaying in the Learn From Your Mistakes FIXED
– Learn From Your Mistakes displays the hint first hand in the table grid FIXED
– Analyzing tools doesn’t work with BTN vs SB FIXED


– BTN vs BB solutions
– HU 100bb solutions
– Learn from your mistakes
– MPN hand history reader in the replayer
– Auto-Updater
– Expiration date in the main screen (DTE = Days to expiration)
– Calculation modes (solver, replayer, trainer) – precise, normal, fast
– Overall combinations in the sidebar are dependent on the combos selected
– Hotkeys for magnifying – and + for making it bigger or smaller in the replayer
– Tooltip in the sidebar at the percentages
– Drop weird hands with calculations


– Interface edited (isn’t so black now and looks better)
– The table in replayer looks better


– AKQJ doesn’t display T as a gutshot
– Flush Draw + OESD doesn’t work correctly
– Replayed showed bad sizings in the hands with dead money preflop

  • Base Tests link doesn’t work
  • Gutshot + bdFD ADDED
  • The sequence contains no elements during importing FIXED
  • The sequence contains no elements during refreshing FIXED
  • 4678T evaluates as gutshot FIXED
  • 6bb effective ISO spot doesn’t work in head up FIXED
  • The solver doesn’t leave the action filled when you change street EDITED

Resizing is possible on all window margins ADDED Maximize problems FIXED RAISE changed for MR EDITED PokerStars better parser EDITED

Winamax hands all-in problem with throwing Save(HandAnalyze handAnalyze) FIXED
Get Input Values doesn’t get effective big blind FIXED
Full-screen problems (customers who had problems with overlaying press the maximize) FIXED
Test vs BOT repeat moves you on the first board, crashes, etc. FIXED

Resizing problems FIXED
The index was out of the range error FIXED
Flush draws don’t count with 5+ cards in the suit FIXED



  • New highly precise solutions
  • New graphics
  • Quicker obtaining data from the server
  • Right EV values in the solutions
  • EV Graph in replayers
  • Highlight selected actions in the replayer
  • Vs BOT statistics
  • Opponents analyze
  • Suits filter in replayers
  • Hand2Note database importing support
  • New settings wizard
  • Notes filter in hand histories
  • Turn on/off displaying the date in hands grid
  • Repeat the same hand in test vs BOT
  • Turn on/off ignore combination in the sidebar with % < 0.1



  • All unnecessary buttons and values are hidden
  • Testers table is simplified
  • Tester results don’t hide the table
  • Solver replay selected hands
  • Removed delta FD and ED under hands grid
  • Left/right switch action, up/down switch hand
  • 1x, 2x, 3x…, absolute, balanced in the replayers stay set



  • Quick click-through in replayers crashes
  • Amaya’s hands don’t get always the right winner
  • Database importing of HEM doesn’t take last x hands
  • J kicker and Q kicker aren’t displayed in the test edit
  • Refreshing analyze tools graph drops test graphs





  • Analyze tools opponents crashes if is no hand loaded
  • EV bug in some spots (- X thousands) Simon discord
  • Reset test -> FD and GD stays in the table
  • reset situation
  • reset vs bot
  • Cards displaying in the replayers
  • The test works only with 20 big blind
  • Load and Save don’t work in the solver
  • The 4bet sets as the allin in the heads up
  • Vs BOT saves only first hand to statistics



  • Reset test staitstics is separated for vs bot and situation
  • Don’t allow to use the instagto without set database ADD
  • Quick load days, months etc. changed to last 3, 6, 12, 24 and 48 hours
  • Quick filters in database loading changed
  • Gto grid with black background



  • ISO and 3bet spots in heads up is always displayed for 24bb model FIXED
  • All-in spots aren’t detected with extremely low SPR FIXED
  • Open in solver from tests (now disabled) throws an error -> you can send the action to solver from the table with actions EDITED



  • A234 board doesn’t display gutshots FIXED
  • Infinity stretching of players field in the filter FIXED



  • Hand history active filters added last 3, 6, 12, 24, 48 hours ADDED
  • Hand sticking during calculations FIXED
  • Notification fading out removed EDITED
  • Check empty board patterns crashes FIXED
  • SPR shows SPR of the opposite player FIXED
  • To solver in the tests shows the solver immediately EDITED
  • Black background option ADDED



  • EV’s are optimized per action, not per street EDITED
  • Hide To Solver in tests and solver EDITED
  • Tests list -> right click -> edit doesn’t work FIXED
  • Filter edit and test edit shows only HU checked FIXED



  • Test creation better labels EDITED
  • Test Description REMOVED
  • Solver better labels EDITED
  • “InstaGTO is being run on your computer…” FIXED



  • Transfer to solver -> Open in solver EDITED
  • Open InstaGTO in the center of the screen EDITED
  • The trainer creates default BB set to 100 EDITED
  • Trainer mode frequency missing FIXED
  • Window icons removed EDITED
  • Keys shortcuts aren’t fully visible in the context menus FIXED
  • EVs are NaN even in some non-range 0% situations FIXED
  • Creating a new filter selects data from the first filter FIXED
  • FD works weird in the range 0% -> FD NaN added FIXED
  • Hand History refresh notification shows hands loaded and total hands in the database ADDED
  • Quick filter in the hand history doesn’t work properly FIXED
  • When you fill the test filter it fills green 0 0 at all tests without result FIXED
  • Calculations stucks in one of 5000 hands FIXED
  • EV vs InstaGTO bad label Actions -> Hands FIXED
  • Solver shows Check in the Call situation FIXED
  • The trainer results table shows Check/Call now properly Check or Call EDITED
  • Trainer falls in the editing copy (duplicate) of the test FIXED



  • Range Magnifier Algorigm EDITED (better GTO grid readability)
  • Vice versa buttons in tests option (testing -> Settings) ADDED
  • EV/Strategy doesn’t actualize on Tab press FIXED
  • Copy test and edit work on the second edit FIXED
  • Spades readability in patterns FIXED
  • Is possible to add a pattern for different street FIXED



  • Dynamic percentages over GTO grid ADDED
  • Balanced mode (2x, 3x, 4x, 5x) stuck in an infinite loop when you check combination in replayers FIXED
  • Balanced mode (2x, 3x, 4x, 5x) holds the overall hand percentages when you change displayed combinations FIXED
  • Test vs BOT throws an error when you quit some hand without showdown FIXED
  • Two-Pairs (22334 – 4x) aren’t displayed in the combinations sidebar in the replayer FIXED


InstaGTO 2.0.0 Official Release

  • Close sometimes leave open the InstaGTO.exe process FIXED
  • Windows leave the size and place EDITED
  • Show BB is hidden in the solver EDITED
  • Open in solver many times the same spot is making weird stuff in calculations FIXED
  • Vice versa buttons option in the solver ADDED
  • Refreshing hand history takes less time EDITED
  • Combinations check/uncheck leave the default ranges FIXED
  • Default filters doesn’t allow some hands with higher bb effective FIXED -> (03/18/19)

  • Gutshots don’t work properly in all situations FIXED
  • OESD don’t work properly in all situations FIXED
  • Weird range in “transfer to solver” FIXED
  • Is possible to double click calculate in the database importing (hands are calculated twice after that) EDITED
  • Tests to solver option ADDED -> (02/25/19) FIX
  • If you set the test action on the first action on particular street software crashes FIXED -> (02/25/19) FIX
  • Down arrow doesn’t work in the replayers FIXED
  • Betsizings in replayer FIXED -> (02/25/19) BUGFIX
  • Download test button ADDED
  • Auto activate when is deactivated EDITED
  • Activate this PC REMOVED
  • Cannot save or edit filter when is action filter only with “b” FIXED
  • Loading hands in the database loading removed EDITED
  • If you don’t set big blind as 10 multiplier software crashes FIXED
  • Check – call label problem in some spots FIXED
  • Build pattern doesn’t work FIXED
  • Maximize problems FIXED (maximize to full screen removed)
  • Bad hand generating in testing (sometimes generates the hands what you or your opponent never have in a certain situation) FIXED -> (02/10/19) FIX


    • Upper buttons bar fixed on top in the replayer
    • Removed delta FD and ED from filters


  • Bad gutshots depicting
  • Actions filters don’t work properly
  • Sometimes it calculates duplicates (two-three same hands in the row)
  • Call-check label
  • Test first action
  • Weird behavior of checking and unchecking combinations in the replayer
  • When you open Wizard it shows you cross even when you have everything set correctly
  • When you have more items in the box it shifts the controls down in the database importing -> (02/06/19) BIG UPDATE +27


    • Copy hand in .txt
    • Big Blind and Big Blinds Overall graph (GTO Test statistics and GTO analyzing tools)
    • PT4 importing by icons
    • Replace duplicates option
    • BDSD combo
    • Multiple notifications


    • Improved combinations graph
    • Clicking directly on the action (de)selects the action in the grid
    • Left clicking on whole combination (de)selects the combination and right clicking select only the current combination
    • GTO Table improvement (bad color in all-in action and better column decomposition)
    • Amendments in the combination bar (hidden dividing and action selection replaced with a better system)
    • Quicker loading of the combination bar (simultaneously with GTO grid)
    • Removed EV color in the bottom texture bar (hands have only one color)
    • If you load more hands or textures in replayer the bottom bar is impossible to read


    • Confusing features were hidden
    • Improved main screen GTO testing interface
    • Replace duplicates option
    • The filter changed today to last 24 hours in hand history
    • Thinner scrollbars
    • Removed get hands in the database loading
    • All action inputs edited. (Big blind 20). c:b40:C can be also c:40:C or c:*b2:C or c:*2:C. Filters can be just b:C for any bet/call or for passing with hand action c:b20:b60:C the filter can be c:18-22:*2-4 or c:b16-b50:*b2-5 etc.
    • Hands grid menu improved


  • PT4 importing problems when you set last X (for example 200) hands and select some tag it depicts 200 hands with tag
  • Better Hand Parser (PokerStars, Winamax, PartyPoker, WPN)
  • When you run a test with lower actions than textures software crashes
  • When you have more items in the box it could shift the controls down
  • If you edit a test it attaches the [copy] to the name -> (12/26/18) fix
  • Hand History throws an error on refresh (index out of bounds) FIXED -> (12/26/18)
  • Test delete button moved under ⯆ button EDITED
  • Discord redirect bug report and ideas EDITED
  • Better hand parser (PokerStars .it, WPN .it) FIXED
  • Grouping and refreshing in the Hand History FIXED
  • Hand Analyzing tools sometimes didn’t show ED in the Stat Details FIXED
  • Replaying multiple hands from the analyzing tools crashes FIXED -> (12/17/18) MINI UPDATE
  • Import All/Export All option in GTO Tests ADDED
  • Hand parsers for iPoker EU ADDED
  • Combinations in the relative mode are showing real percentages of each combination (far more usable than before) EDITED
  • GTO Test buttons are aggregate on the top EDITED
  • Get hand info didn’t get texture and stack FIXED
  • Editing tests or filters creates new FIXED -> (12/9/18)
  • Console connection fully working
  • Three of kind doesn’t work properly FIXED
  • Turn and River in the solver or trainer doesn’t show right all in, when you set different sizings than assumed FIXED -> (12/9/18) FIX2
  • Refresh hand history label ADDED
  • From stat to test crashing FIXED
  • Date Range in test hidden EDITED
  • Vs BOT infinite loading, crashing and showing weird results FIXED -> (12/6/18) FIX1
  • Vs BOT crashes at the end of hand FIXED
  • Isn’t possible to refresh hand histories when are importing hands FIXED -> (12/5/18) MEGA UPDATE +56 | BIG OPTIMIZATION UPDATE


    • GTO Analyzing Tools statistics are loaded immediately with refreshing hands (50 000 hands with statistics/second)
    • Databases are 300% smarter for hard drive memory (1000 hands 1GB before, 330MB now)
    • Calculations are 15% quicker
    • No loading time for test saving, loading statistics, displaying test statistics, etc. Everything displays in milliseconds
    • Action switching is 200% faster in replayers
    • Testing is going fluently even after 500 situations played at one board


    • Board patterns graphical interface
    • New Optimal Strategy graph
    • New Decision Stack graph
    • New Combinations graphs
    • Combinations tab in GTO Test
    • The same statistics depicting options for hero and opponents
    • Stressed combinations under the mouse in the sidebar in replayers
    • Effective Big Blind and Date range in GTO Tests interface, on change instantly changes all tests and test statistics
    • Effective Big Blind and Date range in GTO Analyzing Tools interface, on change instantly changes all stats and graphs


    • Site icon at each hand
    • Test filter text box
    • Green checkbox in Situation and vs BOT Tester (save to database)
    • Progress bar in Situation Tester (red and green values, green = save to database)
    • Progress bar in Situation Tester (grey tracks your actions on board)
    • Stats quick filters by format, preflop action, and street
    • Show only possible stats
    • Clean database option in database settings (clears the hands for the replaying older than 6 months)
    • Filters filter in Database Loading
    • Bottom pair added


    • Tree Size and Accuracy removed from the main screen (not recommended to change tree size)
    • Buttons in test edited
    • All-In buttons instead of b500 f.e
    • Actions bar displays AI like all in
    • Action bar labels
    • Removed test big blind range in creating (replaced by Effective Big Blind range in GTO Tests interface)
    • Tests history removed
    • Restricted to allow import of database when the database isn’t initialized
    • Importable databases are checked automatically with Wizard settings
    • Stats creating removed (useless, obsolete)
    • Removed confusing GTO row in Situation and Vs BOT Trainer
    • EV vs Opponent graph removed, useless
    • Colorless ED and delta ED, impossible to get always the right color
    • Frequency Decision graph removed, replaced by stacks
    • Players in GTO Analyzing Tools removed, replaced by new and better statistics depiction system
    • Vs InstaGTO graphs removed, useless
    • Delta FD and ED removed from main hands grid
    • The filter in position and out of position filter
    • Purge hands removed (needless when there are all hands loaded in the second you can use the Erase in GTO Hand History)
    • Little interface edits
    • Divider holds the divide multiplier for all actions in replayers
    • Action checkboxes and check/uncheck reactions in replayers


  • Vs BOT is playing weird actions FIXED
  • TrackHands() … ERROR FIXED
  • Negative pot in Vs BOT summary FIXED
  • The initial sound at application startup removed (a lot of complaints)
  • Focus in replayers FIXED
  • A full house doesn’t display properly (board 5s5d5cKhKc shows full house with almost every combination) FIXED
  • Two pairs don’t display properly (board 5s5d7cKhKc shows two pairs with almost every combination) FIXED
  • Four of kind doesn’t display properly (board 5s5d5c5hKc shows four of kind with almost every combination) FIXED
  • Isn’t possible to control scrollbar in table hand grid interface, when is test finished FIXED -> (10/28/18)


    • BIG OPTIMIZATION UPDATE (Software hardly ever goes over 1GB RAM) – REQUIRES MIGRATION
    • Hand History loading speed (20 000 hands/second) – REQUIRES MIGRATION


    • Importing tagged hands of PT4
    • Hand InstaGTO notes (CTRL+N)


    • EDITED TRIAL VERSION (the same like LITE version with fewer calculations)
    • Added Yesterday to quick filters
    • Edited inputting stack, effective big blind in the GTO Quick Solver
    • Manual hands loading into GTO Analyzing Tools


  • Tree Size / Accuracy gives all options with high accuracy on recommended
  • Improved hand parsing (Winamax)
  • Is possible generating villain cards same as the hero cards in Vs BOT play
  • The test creation doesn’t allow more complex patterns creating
  • Overlaying table hand grid and result grid in the testing interfaces -> (10/19/18)


    • CALCULATION SPEED IS FASTER UP TO 900% (with more realistic trees)


    • Cards picker added in the quick solver
    • Action difference added in vs BOT


  • The test is loading hands even if is exited and consumes daily calculations
  • Infinite load in vs BOT on the turn or river
  • When you import a very old test, it doesn’t depict any test on load
  • The test crashes when cannot generate hole cards and you click on the action button -> (10/9/18)


  • PartyPoker doesn’t display opponent cards when he doesn’t show them
  • GTO Console hand info error -> (10/7/18)


    • Annoying error windows during hand importing (There isn’t the solution for this action etc.), are skipped (2000 hands test)
    • Avoid to x-click to quick loading button (it loads all hands x times)


  • Solver and vs BOT if you create a situation with bet OTT or OTR and click on the next action, software crashes
  • Transfer to quick solver crashes sometimes OTT (it should work 100% now) -> (10/5/18)


    • Quick loading of database buttons are on the main screen and works properly on one click
    • Console edits


  • Loading hands didn’t work properly. Browse last hands didn’t browse real last hands but random hands. Thus didn’t work quick loadings properly FIXED -> (10/3/18)


    • Capitals and labels
    • Action panel transform to replayer panel when finishes hand in vs BOT
    • Board pattern are checked before creating


  • Winamax better hand parsing in SS CG
  • Reset test crashing
  • Settings wizard throws red label when you fill hero and Pio settings as first -> (09/27/18) MEGA UPDATE FIX


    • Settings Wizard


  • Random crashing in replaying hands (in actions without strategy) FIXED
  • Vs BOT crashes in some situations FIXED
  • Double click in Vs BOT opens situation test FIXED
  • Wizard cannot detect bad InstaGTO database connection FIXED
  • An empty initialized database shows the red cross in the right corner FIXED
  • Solver crashes on button click in situations when chips result is with decimal places and your country number formatting is 0,00, not 0.00 FIXED -> (25/09/18) MEGA UPDATE


    • Situation vs. BOT trainer
    • Settings wizard
    • Dividable ranges
    • Replayer combinations graph vs opponent
    • Fully working console


    • Date sorting in hand grids
    • Backdoor flushes tracking
    • Date filter in the main filter
    • Winamax short stack cash games support
    • Statistic graphs quick filter
    • Tester graphs quick filter
    • Indicators of right software setting
    • The strategy is fully browsable after test finishing in tests


    • Test pattern suits with generated hands
    • Don’t fill whole box option on action checking/unchecking option in the replayer (option Stretch card boxes)
    • Percentages grid reacts on the stretch checking/unchecking
    • Action patterns b(bb5-8) and b(t420-550) can read numbers with decimal places
    • Little graphical edits


  • Calculations stuck on hand which had under 100 chips all in on the turn
  • To solver from test doesn’t work properly
  • PostgresSQL database of poker tracker doesn’t show right connection color in Database -> Settings
  • After clicking on the action, it jumps back to the Overall tab in test
  • Occasionally crashes on login
  • Combinations bar shows two pairs on the river in three of kind on the board -> (08/30/18) FIX
  • Delete in hand history FIXED
  • Filter create/edit doesn’t show immediately in the filter on the main window and crashes on edit FIXED
  • Some optimal strategy tab doughnuts don’t suit with table FIXED
  • Multiple players in filters don’t work FIXED -> (08/23/18) FIX
  • Crashing on the boards where is always at least gutshot FIXED
  • Crashing on starting calculation without initialized database FIXED
  • Crashing when you click on next texture and then back to solved texture in test (also there are fixed some other mini bugs) FIXED
  • Crashing in transferring to quick solver in hands where isn’t action on some street (is in all in) FIXED
  • If PartyPoker player has in a nickname: raises, calls, folds it throws an error FIXED -> (08/21/18) BIG UPDATE + OPTIMIZATION
  • Big graphs optimization (10x faster loadings and little edited) EDITED
  • FD, ED and GD improvement graph ADDED
  • Optimal chart (graph) and tester overall graph show GTO lines EDITED
  • Holdem Manager database support ADDED
  • Test is duplicating the last hand and thereby little distorts results FIXED
  • Replayer, tester and solver little amendments in bars (stretch over screen etc..) EDITED
  • Edit filter could throw an error FIXED
  • Inputting tests and filters b(bb1-bb1) == bb(bb1) and b(t40-40) == b(t40) EDITED
  • Bigger cards picking in solver EDITED
  • Tester study situations ADDED
  • Transfer hand to the quick solver of hand histories throws errors with river hands FIXED
  • Options of quick loading in the main screen EDITED
  • Winamax turbo heads up doesn’t work FIXED
  • Sidebar with combinations optimization (4x quicker loading)
  • Sidebar with combinations calculate with impossible (texture) cards FIXED
  • Sidebar shows overall combinations EDITED
  • Instant duplicates detection during hand importing EDITED
  • Transfer to solver works for multiple hands now EDITED -> (08/03/18) BIG OPTIMIZATION UPDATE
  • Better hand parsers (PartyPoker) EDITED
  • Optimized RAM management (software hardly ever goes over 3GB RAM, calculations, loading of database etc.) EDITED
  • Quicker calculations without server socketexception error FIXED
  • Quicker loading of database EDITED
  • InstaGTO doesn’t stuck on hand during calculation anymore (test 4×2000 hands in row) FIXED
  • Program is FULLY OPTIMIZED (instant switching in replayers, without cuts during loading graphs in statistics, tests or test replayers etc.) -> (07/25/18)
  • Better hand parsers (PartyPoker, it should be 100% now) EDITED
  • Overall graph in testing showing averages (better readability) EDITED -> (07/25/18)
  • Better hand parsers (PartyPoker) EDITED
  • Stats are in bad default folder FIXED -> (07/22/18)
  • Transfer hands to quick solver throws errors in solver FIXED
  • Create test doesn’t allow multiple board patterns FIXED
  • Open solver directly from replayer (O) ADDED
  • Filter filter is missing in hand history FIXED
  • New Insta stats (separated HU and BTN vs BB, $BtnVsBB, !SbVsBb, HU) EDITED
  • Purge hands ADDED
  • Build test pattern instantly from statistics ADDED
  • Numbers of FD, ED and GD stays after test reseting FIXED
  • Filters and stats arent’t immediately added to selection FIXED
  • Tests are individually stored in base folder (better performance and loadings) EDITED
  • Quick loading of database buttons added in the GTO replayer tab (Ctrl+D last day, CTRL+W last week and CTRL+M last month) ADDED
  • Random stuck in calculations FIXED2 -> (07/12/18)
  • PartyPoker cuts during calculations FIXED
  • Statistics doughnuts for TRIAL allowed -> (07/07/18)
  • Test is possible to create with bad board pattern FIXED
  • PartyPoker importing is wrong FIXED -> (07/05/18)
  • Colors don’t show in some players statistics FIXED
  • Table GTO cards in replayers don’t show the values FIXED
  • Duplicate test Ctrl+D ADDED
  • Test history ADDED
  • Predefined InstaGTO stats works only for hands till 22.6 FIXED
  • Test EV column depicts wrong color FIXED
  • Better bad test create filter EDITED
  • Better hand parsers (PartyPoker preflop, PokerStars EMP’s, Energy format and home games don’t thorw errors) EDITED
  • Refresh cut in loading stats FIXED
  • Solver bet colors reversed FIXED
  • Little graphical update (under cards grid and little edited replayers)
  • 500 stats (SBvsBB) ADDED -> (06/26/18) fix and addon
  • From test to solver depicts wrong sizing FIXED
  • Combinations tab edited (removed two doughnuts and swapped to percentage chart) EDITED
  • Filters text boxes aren’t case sensitive EDITED -> (06/22/18) BIG UPDATE 2/2 fix
  • Solver doesn’t work FIXED -> (06/22/18) BIG UPDATE 2/2
  • Logout with autologin FIXED
  • Test made hand generator is based on range % now EDITED
  • Actions in some opponent’s spots have all in color FIXED
  • New testing interface EDITED
  • Replayer action filter ADDED
  • Percentages tooltip (for some unreadable actions) ADDED
  • Statistics analyze combinations tab ADDED
  • Bad colors in doughut graphs FIXED
  • There are the same action labels in all depicted doughnuts EDITED
  • Filter name filter ADDED
  • Stats are split to InstaGTO stats and user’s stats ADDED
  • Around 500 new stats (for each possible situation, non for SBvBB so far) ADDED -> (06/02/18) FIX
  • Button colors in tester FIXED
  • Convert to quick solver hand with fold falls on change action FIXED
  • Calculation stuck on hand (1:5000) FIXED
  • Straight doesn’t count with low Ace FIXED -> (05/30/18) BIG UPDATE 1/2
  • Calculations are standing longer than usual bug report ADDED
  • Action colors are inverted and added all-in color ADDED
  • Guthots are now without all made hands EDITED
  • Statistics depict only opponent hand FIXED, hand filter by hero and opponent ADDED
  • If is stack 0 in replyayer it disappears FIXED
  • Testing boards are often same FIXED
  • Card table depicting option in replayers ADDED
  • Statistics hands ADDED
  • Loading hands of database can be limited browsable hands (improving performance) EDIT
  • Loading of database is far quicker EDITED
  • New Statistics style EDITED
  • Count of combinations in replayer FIXED
  • Statistics players crashes on infinity FIXED -> (05/21/18) FIX v1.2.5.5
  • Refresh data of database on startup FIXED
  • Check the combinations or range in replayer reset the focus FIXED
  • If you start the calculations without set pio path it end up in infinity cycle of exceptions FIXED
  • Grouping hands replays the hands in non-sorted order FIXED
  • Winamax two all-ins in two evaluate as two raises FIXED
  • Better hand pasring (iPoker, PartyPoker, Amaya) -> (05/12/18) FIX v1.2.5.0
  • Action buttons in tester added ratio and percentage ADDED
  • Import of database isn’t dependent on hero EDITED
  • Errors in input buttons (percentages, big blind and ratio) in solver and tester FIXED
  • Deactivate and auto login FIXED
  • Editing test BTN vs BB crashes FIXED -> (05/08/18) FIX v1.2.4.8
  • PokerStars importing problems FIXED
  • Errors during calculations REMOVED (it will be replaced by calculations result window in next version) -> (05.08.18) FIX v1.2.4.6
  • In replayer doesn’t work Ev button (tab) FIXED
  • When you clear all combinations in replayer (ctrl+s) and click on the another action it doesn’t display gto grid and there is checked all combinations FIXED -> (05/07/18) OFFICIAL RELEASE VERSION
  • Statistics errors FIXED
  • Better hand parsing of all sites (Amaya, Winamax) EDITED
  • Combinations range percentages ADDED
  • Predefined statistics, filters ADDED (with better management)
  • Overall statistics there are two new columns (actions hero and actions opponent) ADDED -> (05/03/18) OFFICIAL RELEASE VERSION
  • New card style ADDED
  • Replayer have two switchable mods (chips and big blinds) ADDED
  • In replayer is switchable SPR (percentages and ratio) ADDED
  • In replayer are switchable actions (chips, big blinds, percentages and pot ratio) ADDED
  • In replayer combinations bar is visible count of combinations and appropriate percentages ADDED
  • The replayer combinations bar is fully interactive (you can select and deselect depicted combinations) ADDED
  • Replayer supports keyboard inputs (for more information click on the gear in replayer) ADDED
  • Licence deactivating on the PC ADDED
  • Better hand parsing of all sites (Amaya, PartyPoker, WPN, iPoker, Winamax) EDITED
  • Pressing edit test button in editing interface twice in row crashes whole software FIXED -> (04/26/18) OFFICIAL RELEASE VERSION
  • Open solution in solver doesn’t work FIXED
  • OESD with low ace problem FIXED
  • Draws are displaying on the river FIXED
  • Pot (without street bets) format ADDED
  • Delete hand in solver context menu doesn’t work FIXED
  • Get input values with river in solver crashes FIXED -> (04/26/18) OFFICIAL RELEASE VERSION
  • All reported hands should work now (PokerStars, PartyPoker,, Winamax) FIXED -> (04/24/18) OFFICIAL RELEASE VERSION
  • Pokerstars throws an hand error in hand histories with [] or () nicknames FIXED
  • Cards GTO grid text is bigger EDITED
  • hand parsing error FIXED -> (04.13.18) OFFICIAL RELEASE VERSION
  • Test edit and test creation doesn’t work with filled board patterns FIXED
  • Balanced doughnut doesn’t depict correct values FIXED
  • If you click on empty stat in statistics software crashes FIXED
  • Clear hand history button ADDED
  • iPoker all in hands depicts wrongly FIXED
  • Context menu button to get hands input values ADDED -> (04.08.18) OFFICIAL RELEASE VERSION
  • Calculations without speed brakes EDITED
  • Amaya .fr, .it ADDED
  • Replayer crashes in some river spots ADDED
  • Background change possibility ADDED (“it is too white” – Yann B)
  • Edited import of database EDITED
  • Calculation modes EDITED
  • Weird turn and river (for guys with old settings build) FIXED -> (04.06.18) OFFICIAL RELEASE VERSION
  • and .it Twister ADDED
  • Better hand hand pasrsing (less errors in loading of database) EDITED
  • Transfer hand to quick solver of hand history ADDED
  • Hint in quick solver ADDED
  • Optimal chart displays wrong FIXED
  • Sensitivity level in optimal charts ADDED
  • Gutshots don’t depict correctly in some spots FIXED
  • Test without set board pattern throws an error FIXED -> (04.04.18) OFFICIAL RELEASE VERSION
  • First test action doesn’t work FIXED
  • Accuracy doesn’t read floats again FIXED
  • Wrong EV in replayer FIXED
  • New style of patterns in tests ADDED
  • New style of patterns in filters ADDED
  • Two pairs is missing in replayers FIXED
  • There aren’t actualized date timer in filters when you click on some filter FIXED
  • Some labels and colors was obsolete FIXED
  • Cannot write negative values in filters GTO difference indexes FIXED
  • GDI added in statistics ADDED
  • GDI added in tests ADDED
  • Last tests in graph REMOVED
  • Board generator.exe (there you can try to generate the boards and filters by patterns) ADDED -> (03.28.18) RC
  • Bad format decoding (causes falls on the test run and index out of bounds in replayer etc.) FIXED
  • Accuracy doesn’t read floats in some countries FIXED
  • BTN and BB buttons in replayers EDITED
  • Solver doesn’t work properly FIXED -> (03.27.18) RC
  • Optimized replayers and whole software goes far quicker (switching between actions is just instant, 15x faster) EDITED
  • Empty action in solver throws an error FIXED
  • Solver calculates each turn (even calculated) (quicker solver calculations) FIXED
  • Check Amaya client opened EDITED
  • Loading of database doesn’t throw errors with STTs EDITED
  • Software crashes on starting some tests FIXED -> (03.26.18) RC
  • Better replayers adjustment EDITED
  • SPR and pot odds in replayers ADDED
  • Hiding cards in replayers ADDED
  • Opponent’s cards formatting in add hand FIXED
  • Last results are displaying in the top of table in the tests EDITED
  • Sometimes if you fill turn action in solver replayer action ends on the flop FIXED
  • Borders around active player EDITED
  • Stats removed on sb and bb and changed to flop, turn and river stats EDITED
  • Analyze doughnut are in percentages EDITED
  • Optimal strategy statistics tab in GTO Trainer and GTO Analyzing tools ADDED
  • Optimal charts statistics tab in GTO Trainer and GTO Analyzing tools ADDED
  • Frequency and EV statistics tab in GTO Trainer and GTO Analyzing tools ADDED
  • Tester shows gto differences continuously
  • GTO trainer interface EDITED
  • GTO analyze tools interface EDITED
  • Add hand manually doesn’t stop the calculation on stop FIXED
  • Loading of database throws less errors on Amaya EDITED
  • Card combination values is displaying in replayers ADDED
  • Check Amaya client opened ADDED
  • Disable graph’s animations in settings to increase graphs performance ADDED
  • Sorting in grids by cards, flops and texture ADDED -> (03.07.18) RC
  • Add hand manually options (site, nicknames and stakes etc…) ADDED
  • PartyPoker STT 3handed ADDED
  • Check textboxes error (software crashes on test creating with bx, solver throws an error) FIXED
  • Windows popping up EDITED -> (03.05.18) RC
  • Direct action under tables in hand histories and replayer don’t work FIXED
  • Load of database doesn’t load hands which end OTF FIXED
  • Index out of bounds in loading hand manually OTF FIXED
  • It doesn’t load nicknames which contains “as” properly FIXED
  • Forgotten password ADDED
  • Change password and logout ADDED
  • Test sometimes end up in infinite loop FIXED
  • Filters by street action supports bet sizing (by BB and t) ADDED
  • Tests bet sizing (by BB and t) ADDED
  • Some hand errors in database loading was catched (Amaya, PartyPoker and iPoker) FIXED -> (03.01.18) RC
  • Quick solver crashes on open solution FIXED
  • InstaGTO database editable name EDIT
  • Replayer crashes on hand switch sometimes FIXED -> (03.01.18) RC
  • Flops AsBoBs and AsAoBs replayer displays wrong FIXED
  • Ryzen CPUs throws error in multiple hands calculations FIXED
  • Cards in replayers are small on maximize FIXED
  • There in calculation settings isn’t possible to set accuracy < 1 FIXED
  • Cards Club 0.9.0 alpha access release ADDED
  • Min-raised tests don’t work FIXED
  • Calculation modes ADDED
  • Column with preflop action in solver ADDED
  • Text row with preflop action in replayers ADDED -> (02.24.18) RC
  • Application crushes on massage box show FIXED (The reason of 90% crushes)
  • Test cannot be created FIXED
  • Flop in quick solver and add hand auto-correct spaces ADDED
  • Add hand manually spins disabled FIXED
  • Graphs have removable Y axes ADDED -> (02.23.18) RC
  • Email support should work for everyone FIXED
  • Loading observable hands shows error FIXED (replayer doesn’t load these hand)
  • Loading of database doesn’t throw message box after every bad hand FIXED
  • Borders around active action, hand, texture ADDED
  • WPN HU importing problem FIXED
  • Action check is checking C or b after b action FIXED
  • Database doesn’t load duplicate hands ADDED
  • Graphs are fully working FIXED
  • Stopping calculations are fully working (add hand, load of database, load of clipboard and load of hand hisotry by replayer stopping button) FIXED
  • Console spin solutions ADDED>
  • Hand history hand doesn’t open on double click FIXED
  • New graph line added Vs InstaGTO [t] ADDED
  • Delta evGDI vice versa colors FIXED
  • If row wasn’t saved (ENTER) in calculation timers software crashes on reopen FIXED
  • Stat creation and close throw an error FIXED -> (02.19.18) RC
  • Site images added to hand history replayer ADDED
  • Slightly improved action check and fixed iso spots preflop (C:bx:C) EDITED
  • Hand calculating randomly throws index out of bounds in loading FIXED
  • Convert to quick solver throws an error with some sites FIXED
  • Restart test statistics doesn’t clear fGDI and evGDI immediately FIXED
  • Added message in version window ADDED
  • If there is in database some hand which software cannot load it returns 0 hands. FIXED
  • In database error hands popup error window with direct sending hand to support ADDED
  • Bug report, ideas and write us doesn’t send email (throws The SMTP server requires a secure connection…) FIXED -> (02.17.18) RC
  • Solver on river sometimes throws an error FIXED
  • Calculate river directly from solver FIXED
  • Open solution in solver -> make changes -> close and reopen error FIXED
  • PartyPoker didn’t replay river in replayer FIXED
  • Calculations are 2x faster
  • Calculations are more precise on the river
  • Gto grids aren’t depicting properly hands with very low range %0.00000001 and less FIXED
  • Big blind range in tester and filters EDITED
  • Loading hands from pt4 database ADDED
  • New stats system dependent on filters ADDED
  • New GDI filters ADDED
  • New winner filter ADDED
  • Delete button in filters ADDED
  • Index error in hand history loading FIXED
  • Replayers are fully responsive and little graphical edited EDITED
  • Action check ADDED
  • Big blind size doesn’t refresh in trainer FIXED
  • Some windows are still on top FIXED
  • Line between tests and graph displays badly with maximized window FIXED
  • Reset test statistics button ADDED and test edit doesn’t clear test statistics anymore EDITED
  • Preflop spin’n’go action doesn’t depict correctly in replayers FIXED
  • Trainer/test graphs joined EDITED
  • Winamax filter FIXED
  • Filter street action (fixed to card on street) changed to is action on street EDITED
  • Tester replaying interface shows both action value bars EvGdi and FrequecnyGdi EDITED -> BETA
  • Error handFlopCardsForSolver, handPreflopActionForSolver or handPreflopBbForSolver in ReturnGtoClass() are empty FIXED
  • Winamax Heads up and Expresso (spin) are fully working in replayer EDITED/FIXED
  • iPoker Heads up and Twister (spin) are fully working in replayer EDITED/FIXED
  • WPN Heads up and Jackpot (spin) are fully working in replayer EDITED/FIXED
  • PartyPoker Heads up and Spin’n’Go are fully working in replayer EDITED/FIXED
  • Little graphical changes EDIT -> BETA
  • Solver clear freezes software FIXED
  • Help context menu EDITED
  • Load hand in solver, clear list and add new hand make unreachable load and clear list buttons FIXED
  • Little graphical changes EDIT
  • Movable columns in data grids ADDED -> (02.05.18) BETA
  • Software falls before login FIXED
  • Registration first name doesn’t allow space FIXED
  • Hand history replayer throws an dalily limit error during calculation FIXED
  • Replayer swaps ranges in spins FIXED
  • Update logs window REMOVED, replaced by new version window ADDED
  • Icons ADDED
  • Solver hands cannot be initialized with first flop action (Flop action = empty) FIXED
  • Some flops don’t work in solver (throws out of bounds error) FIXED
  • Solver river errors FIXED
  • Software size reduced (MB) -> (01.06.18) BETA
  • logging errors ADDED
  • database cannot initialize FIXED -> (01.03.18) BETA
  • NaN removed of imported hands and fixed linked graph error FIXED
  • split background in replayer and tester fGDI and evGDI UPGDADED
  • tester works only for IP situations FIXED
  • in tester doesn’t work river spots FIXED
  • colors in hands and texture bar in replayer UPDATED
  • the preflop limit for ISO and 3bet shifted +0.5bb UPDATED
  • graphs and vs player added new graph “vs InstaGTO” FIXED
  • texture click in tester FIXED
  • bb size setting in GTO trainer moved to GTO trainer FIXED
  • software renamed from GTO InstaAnalyzer to InstaGTO
  • calculation timer flop action c:b40:C = c:b:C and actions is possible to split by , -> (12.27.17) BETA
  • right click on test doesn’t work FIXED
  • columns size EDITED
  • hero box is empty after settings exit FIXED
  • mouse up and down in replayers doesn’t work properly FIXED
  • Winamax import bad string warning FIXED
  • click EV with some villain actions freezes FIXED
  • fGDI calculation UPDATED
  • evGDI colors UPDATED
  • icon ADDED
  • postgressql settings added button delete and create new ADDED
  • the background was split color between evGDI and fGDI -> (12.21.17) BETA
  • accessing the console from toolbar FIXED
  • maximize hides win taskbar EDITED
  • config file updates with version ADDED
  • added option in settings if you want to full-screen maximize or not ADDED
  • cards with very low % don’t depict in GTO table with turned off range FIXED
  • login button stays disabled with bad input FIXED
  • registration button stays disabled with bad input FIXED
  • show EV in GTO tables ADDED
  • label margins in replayers FIXED
  • message box accepts ENTER and ESC ADDED
  • hand history RAM combo box ADDED
  • GDI edited, frequency fGDI and evGDI ADDED
  • minimal window size EDITED
  • right-clicking in empty table sometimes freeze whole software FIXED
  • replayer, solver and hand histories added replay selected hands ADDED
  • importing hands cannot stop if you click to load hand histories and exit window FIXED
  • auto-range is better EDITED
  • bars in replayer, tester, and solver are switching between EV and Strategy ADDED
  • grouping and ordering in replayer and hand history ADDED
  • erasing freezes software FIXED
  • notification refreshing and erasing ADDED
  • graphs are ΔfGDI and ΔevGDI (2 decimals) what is more important, all statistics are now better and all make sense UPGRADED
  • tester bottom texture bar readability FIXED
  • statistics flop, turn and river graphs contains EV vs GTO of your and opponents, instead of nonsensical graphs EDITED
  • if is checked position in the stat it doesn’t depict graph for one of two players FIXED
  • main window filter buttons aren’t in same design FIXED
  • login problems with different internet connection FIXED
  • filters in main window adding/removing by double click ADDED
  • unnecessary “position” removed form GTO Trainer REMOVED
  • in statistics added new doughnut graph by the best EV action ADDED
  • replayer, solver, and tester GTO hands table stay same on GTO chart mouse down ADDED
  • EV columns added to GTO replayer and hand history ADDED
  • graph color setting ADDED
  • adding to filter and change hero don’t immediately start the refreshing database, there is refresh button (or space) UPGRADED
  • refresh on startup setting (with space as refresh button) ADDED
  • in solver and add a hand manually are calculations without stacking ADDED
  • importing notification doesn’t show right numbers FIXED
  • iPoker importing out of bounds error FIXED
  • GDI colors options added ADDED
  • clicking on textures or cards in replayers doesn’t switch to appropriate hand FIXED
  • instant add hand of add hand and stop calculations buttons in replayer ADDED
  • erasing throws an error FIXED
  • overall statistics ADDED
  • fGDI default colors EDITED
  • InstaConsole: helping commands ADDED -> RC (12.12.17) ALPHA
  • replayer CTRL+ENTER doesn’t work FIXED
  • interface changes EDITED
  • GTO InstaConsole v1.0.0.0 ADDED
  • culture formatting FIXED
  • winnamax filters and stats FIXED
  • clipboard paste error FIXED -> RC (12.8.17) ALPHA
  • double click on test, replayer hand or solution opens window ADDED
  • refresh hand history falls without right postgres setup FIXED
  • new filter interface ADDED
  • Winamax hand history support ADDED
  • add hand clear stack freezes FIXED
  • texture box split in quick solver ADDED
  • texture box split in add hand ADDED
  • ctrl+v in replayer doesn’t load Unicode format FIXED
  • player turn highlighted ADDED
  • interface changes EDITED
  • news window changes to update log window EDITED
  • infinity calculations FIXED
  • more hand histories at once load ADDED -> RC (11.30.17) ALPHA
  • double click doesn’t hide win panel FIXED
  • quicksolver delete hand with opened browse all hands freezes FIXED
  • quicker login ADDED
  • gto grid doesn’t show balanced strategy with range FIXED
  • loading multiple files in gto replayer ADDED
  • closing of file FIXED -> RC (11.28.17) ALPHA
  • parsing for different cultures FIXED
  • saving exception handled ADDED
  • close of login ADDED
  • don’t save to database FIXED
  • login problems FIXED
  • XsYsZo index out of bounds error FIXED
  • context menu in hand replayer, options: replay hand, replay all, convert to solver, (publish – out of use) ADDED
  • context menu in solver, options: browse hand, browse all ADDED
  • context menu in hand history replayer, options: replay hand, replay all, (publish – out of use) ADDED
  • pio free support ADDED
  • buttons REPLAYER, SOLVER, TESTER and HAND REPLAYER REMOVED (replaced by shortcuts and context menu)
  • stop calculating quick solver ADDED
  • delete in quick solver ADDED
  • test title in test window ADDED
  • quick solver river problems FIXED
  • auto focus in hand, solver and test replayers ADDED
  • tester doesn’t load the data in test without history FIXED
  • stat edit freezes FIXED
  • invisible cards in hand bar (for example: hearts with red background) FIXED
  • maximize taskbar hide ADDED -> (11.23.17) ALPHA
  • manually add new hand FIXED
  • hand replayer shortcuts ADDED
  • test shortcuts ADDED -> (11.22.17) ALPHA
  • saves and configs moved to appdata ADDED
  • hand history shortcuts ADDED
  • earse hands in hand history FIXED
  • confusing BB in tests moved to settings -> test IMPROVED
  • better config saving IMPROVED
  • unnecessarily refreshes REMOVED
  • registration problems FIXED
  • calculation timers are working ADDED
  • only one filter IMPROVED
  • less memory consumption IMPROVED
  • is open window FIXED
  • refresh hand history async IMPROVED -> (11.19.17) PRE-ALPHA
  • calculation limit ADDED (not working now)
  • crash on startup FIXED
  • new version dialog FIXED
  • don’t show News dialog ADDED
  • remove hand from DB FIXED
  • remove hand with unselected hand freezes FIXED -> (11.18.17) PRE-ALPHA
  • icons ADDED
  • write us ADDED
  • redirecting to new website and new emails ADDED
  • message boxes only in STA FIXED
  • quick solver doesn’t work without first action FIXED
  • bug in loading hands out of memory, try to set Fast turn in calculations settings FIXED
  • hand history moved to database -> (11.14.17) PRE-ALPHA

  • hand loading 2 hands fixed
  • request empty street in solver and tester fixed
  • quick solution action buttons fixed
  • always run as admin fixed


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